El temps al càmping
fundació Mona
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Our motto has always been to make friends, not only customers. You’ll know this if you have met somebody who has stayed in our campsite. But in case you haven't, please come and check it out.

Being a natural environment surrounded by peace and quiet, our campsite is the perfect place for those willing to avoid city noise and enjoy nature at its very best.

The campsite is located in the middle of an oak and cork oak forest area. A stream of crystal clear water flows nearby. It is called “Riera de l’Esparra” and in the summer, when the water level is low, we recommend everybody to take their shoes off and walk up the river bare feet.

If you are an animal lover, here you’ll see plenty of them: chickens, ducks, geese, goats and, of course, ‘Margarita’ the donkey. Even if you haven’t planned to stay in our campsite, if you love animals and being outdoors please come and pay us a visit.